Gold Rush Films is a media production and entertainment company. We focus on creating enriching content that viewers can enjoy. We take the same level of detail from creating our own films and dedicate that expertise to ensure your very own production meets your highest expectations. 

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GoldRush Films collaborate with Gerow Hair Ink and social media sensation Mr. Commodore on this funny, and informative trailer about eradicating baldness through their innovative technology.

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We work 1 on 1 with you to understand exactly what your needs are while also offering out of the box suggestions on how to bring your vision to life. We handle it all! Weddings, Film Production, Parties, scriptwriters, and more! Gold Rush Films is your one-stop solution! 

Book a free consultation with us and we will make sure to work together closely with you to create your vision! We have a team ready to best serve your needs. Work with the pros and get it right the first time! Gold Rush Films has been producing content for the last 10 years. Now we offer our services to you!

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Gold Rush Films is an independent film production company specializing in rich storytelling and creating entertaining content. We specialize in tv series and movies. Follow our podcast for the latest updates and news.

We focuses on the community. We work with inspiring actors, videographers, and many more talented individuals. Our goal is to support a future generation of talent and create content based on the culture of our communities. 

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The Misconceptions of Donald Jones

The Misconception of Donald Jones is a short mini-series based in Harlem. 

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